Who we are

SHIRIN SEHAN is a company based out of Meckenheim, Germany. The company was founded in 2004 by Shirin Sehan. Thanks to her many travels and studies abroad, specifically San Francisco, Florence, Paris and Madrid, Shirin Sehan has secured herself a keen sence and intuition for international trends. Today, the company's products are successfuly exportet to almost all EU countries, North America and New Zealand.

Our Brands

The trademark of SHIRIN SEHAN products are accessories of precious materials in rich, yet esthetic colors. From intricate workmanship with modern techniques to traditional craftsmanship, every single piece in the collection is one of a kind. Especially distinguished are the glamorous evening shawls, very feminine, yet somewhat playful as you discover the dazzling sparkles of Swarovski stones, sequences or lavish embroideries, which lends each shawl that extra magical touch.