General Conditions of Contract / Buyers Information

I. Basic Provisions

The contract comes into effect with Shirin Sehan GmbH, Wissfeldstrasse 5b, 53340 Meckenheim, Germany, herein after referred to as seller. Further information can be reviewed under Legal Notice. The below mentioned contract obligations are affective for all purchase agreements entered into between  the seller and the respective buyer and will therefore be formally acknowledged with the order. The seller offers various products in his/her Online-Shop, the details to each product are described in the particular product information. A consumer in the sense of the undermentioned policies is every individual, who concludes a legal transaction for the purpose that can neither be imputed to their commercial nor their independent occupational employment. 

II. Conclusion of Contract

The items intended for purchase are deposited into the "Shopping Basket". By clicking on the button "Shopping Basket“ in the navigation pane, you can access the "Shopping Basket" and make modifications to your selection. After clicking on the button "Checkout" and the subsequent entry of your particulars you will be directed to the next page with a summary of your order details.  Prior to placing your order you have the possibility to review and edit your account information (i.e. Name, Address, Delivery and selected items), if necessary you can click on "Empty Basket" to cancel your selection which will also cancel the contract.

By clicking on the button  "Place Order Now" you can select your preferred payment method.

By clicking on the button "Make Payment" you are submitting a binding offer to the seller. Initially you will receive an automatic e-mail informing you of the order entry, which does not yet form the conclusion of contract.

The acceptation of your order (and herewith the conclusion of contract) will be followed by a separate e-mail to you, in which the processing of the order or the  shipment of the merchandise is confirmed.

Should you not receive an order confirmation or any communication concerning the delivery within 7 working days, you will no longer be bound to your order. If applicable all rendered services in this case will immediately be reimbursed.

The contractual language is available in German and English. The contractual text (order data and Terms & Conditions) is stored and saved by the seller. The storage of this data is however limited, therefore please be sure to print out your order information and/or save the information separately. Irrespective of this you will still receive all the relevant data of your order via e-mail, which you can then print out and/or save.


III. Pricing, Delivery & Shipping Costs

The quoted prices for the respective offers, are the final price. They are comprised of all price components including possible arising taxes, such as the value added tax (VAT). Only when delivery destinations are across national boundaries, could additional fees (such as customs or duties) be incurred to you, which you must pay to the appropriate customs authority in the destination country. The accumulated delivery and shipping costs are not included in the quoted price. They are available on the page "Shipping & Handling" and will be separately quoted to you during the order process. These additional charges will be added to your total amount due.


IV. Payment Terms 

You have the following payment options:

- PayPal (American Express, VISA, Master Card, and Bank Transfer)

The seller reserves the right to preclude the "payment on receipt of invoice" option. All provided invoices by the seller are promptly due for payment. Until full payment the merchandise will remain the property of the seller.


V. Delivery and Dispatch Conditions

Deliveries are made in Germany and all other countries mentioned on the page "Shipping & Handling" . The merchandise is shipped by the seller to the indicated delivery address once the full payment including shipping costs, is received by the seller.   The shipment will be processed within 2 business days after payments have been received, if no other specific delivery terms are mentioned in the product information. It is advisable to inspect the merchandise immediately after delivery and check for order completeness, obvious defects and damages due to transportation. Any claims should be reported to the seller and shipping company immediately. Your warranty entitlement will not be affected by this. As long as you are the consumer,  the danger of accidental damages and/or coincidental  deterioration of the sold item during the shipment process will not transfer to you until the item has been received by you, regardless if the shipment is insured or uninsured. If you are not a consumer, the shipment will be delivered at your own risk. It is stipulated, that in the event the consumer asserted right for warranty is exercised, the consumer will have to cover the cost of the return shipment, as long as the delivered merchandise is equivalent to the ordered item and the cost of the merchandise does not exceed a value of 40 Euro, or if the consumer did not reciprocate the return service at a higher price of the merchandise during the time of the claim.  

VI. Warranty

The statutory provisions are in effect.


VII. The Right of Withdrawal for Consumer

Right of Withdrawal

As a consumer (every individual, who concludes a legal transaction for the purpose that can neither be imputed to their commercial nor their independent occupational employment) you have the right to withdraw from your contractual statement within 2 weeks, without stating reasons, within 2 weeks of receipt of the goods in writing (e.g. Letter, e-mail, fax) or by simply returning the goods.  The deadline begins on the day you receive a copy of the right of withdrawal in written form, yet not prior to you having received the merchandise, nor by another provided recipient and also not prior to the sellers duty to furnish information. 

Cancellations can be send to:

Shirin Sehan GmbH,  Hartsteinplatz 1, 53340 Meckenheim, Fax: +49 2225 7041629, Email:

Consequences of Revocation

In the event of a valid revocation or cancellation, all rendered services received by all recipients are to be returned. A reimbursement obligation for the use of the merchandise or the value of the utilization is not required. Should you be unable to return the received merchandise in its original condition or return it in a partially degraded form, then you must compensate the seller for the lost value.

This is not the case when the reason for return is solely due to damages that may have been caused prior to you receiving the merchandise, such as a prior inspection, similar in manner as if you were to inspect the product yourself at the shop. Incidentally, you may avoid the obligation for compensation of lost value if you refrain from using the merchandise as if it were your own property, which would contribute to the degradation of the products condition. Items that are eligible for shipment are to be return shipped at the sellers risk. You are bound to cover the cost of the return shipment if the delivered merchandise is exactly as ordered and the price of the returning merchandise does not exceed the amount of 40 Euro or if you have not yet made any type of payment at the time of the revocation for a higher priced item. Otherwise the return shipment will be free of charge for you. Non package transportable items will be picked up at your address.  Commitments  for payment refunds must be made within 30 days, beginning on the day that you have submitted your request for a return or the merchandise itself, to the sellers receipt.


Revocation Exemption 

The right for revocation is exempt for contracts between the seller and the buyer, where the seller has delivered custom tailored merchandise according to the buyers specifications or requirements.

End of Revocation

Please note:
You have the right to return the merchandise or refuse the delivery without prior contacting the seller and as such are not obligated to pay for the postage. Some shippers, such as DHL will charge the seller a return fee which is more often higher than the actual postage price. Therefore you are kindly reminded to either contact the seller or pay the appropriate postage, which will be refunded to you promptly. The right of withdrawal will therefore not be utilized and remains established for the above instructions without reservations even for postage paid shipments.


VIII. Place of Fulfillment, Place of Jurisdiction

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to this contractual relationship to the exclusion of the UN convention on contracts for the international sale of goods. Place of fulfillment for all rendered services from the sellers business relations, as well as the place of jurisdiction is the place of business of the seller, as long as the buyer is not the consumer, but rather a merchant or a legal entity of public law or public separate assets.

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